The town is deserted, all people are confined to their apartments.

Snapshot_002 Nevertheless, the security bots continue to patrol the streets. They regularly appear in some places, control their area and leave.If you’re brave enough to ignore the pollution, go to one of these three regions TauCity1, TauCity2, TauCity3.

When you find a robot, go near him and say politely hello.

As they feel alone, they will probably give you a gift to thank you for your kindness.

Ten robots spread over the three regions, so you can get ten freebies to decorate your own regions (meshes).

The gifts are not of great value, the purpose of this little game is just to make you spend a pleasant moment.

Will you find them all ?

The regions are meshes only so use the right viewer.

Hypergrid link : http://hg.osgrid.org:80/TauCity1


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